As Republicans plot repeal, feds report jump in Obamacare signups

As Republicans plot repeal, feds report jump in Obamacare signups 

Posted: 7:23 pm Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

Even as Republicans plot their legislative plans to first repeal and then replace the Obama health law, federal officials say more Americans have signed up for coverage this year, as Democrats joined with the Obama Administration to again argue against GOP plans to attack Obamacare.

“Americans are once again proving that Marketplace coverage is vital to them and their families,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell, as she reported that 6.4 million people had already signed up for coverage in 2017.

Officials say that’s an increase of 400,000 signups from this time in 2015.

Democrats in Congress – knowing full well what’s ahead next year on Obamacare from the Republicans – hailed the new signup numbers.

Democratic Governors chimed in as well, in a letter to GOP leaders in the Congress, arguing repeal “would be a financial and health disaster for states.”

“Repeal would throw millions of our residents off their health coverage, shift enormous costs to state governments – blowing a hole in state budgets,” the governors wrote.

But Republicans are having none of that.

“Americans deserve a 21st century health care system based on what patients & families need—not what Washington wants,” said Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), who will drive Obamacare changes as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Brady met earlier this week with Vice President-Elect Mike Pence about some of the health care options that the GOP might look at, as Republicans are united on repeal, but not all on the same page about what to replace it with.

The new Congress convenes in less than two weeks on January 3, and then, the GOP will be under the gun to figure out the details.

“We’ve got a big, consequential year ahead of us,” Brady said.

And it is just around the corner.


Here are the latest signup numbers as provided by the Obama Administration for the states that go through the federal exchange:

Week 6 Cumulative Plan Selections

Through Dec 19

Alabama 122,711
Alaska 13,172
Arizona 121,931
Arkansas 40,759
Delaware 19,111
Florida 1,296,835
Georgia 352,282
Hawaii 11,750
Illinois 247,818
Indiana 119,429
Iowa 35,931
Kansas 72,992
Kentucky 66,406
Louisiana 84,206
Maine 56,270
Michigan 215,978
Mississippi 51,669
Missouri 185,413
Montana 37,810
Nebraska 66,389
Nevada 60,617
New Hampshire 35,064
New Jersey 204,977
New Mexico 35,633
North Carolina 369,077
North Dakota 14,167
Ohio 165,046
Oklahoma 92,179
Oregon 112,864
Pennsylvania 290,950
South Carolina 147,459
South Dakota 22,597
Tennessee 163,743
Texas 775,659
Utah 144,848
Virginia 289,179
West Virginia 22,777
Wisconsin 173,755
Wyoming 17,035

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