Clinton vows focus on Trump University

Clinton vows focus on Trump University 

Posted: 11:20 am Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

Hours after a federal judge unsealed internal sales documents from Trump University, Hillary Clinton and her campaign team signaled that they would be ready to use the details from that lawsuit to attack Donald Trump, making the case that Trump is unsuited for the office of President.

Hillary Clinton led the charge on Trump’s preferred social media venue – Twitter.

She was followed up by her campaign spokesman, Brian Fallon.

Clinton’s team even dug up a web page from Ted Cruz’s campaign site, which attacked Trump on the issue:

Obviously, there is no guarantee that this line of attack will work against Trump, who has downplayed the case while going after the federal judge overseeing it.

As the Clinton camp noted above, Marco Rubio tried to use it against Trump during the Republican Primary.

“Trump University duped everyday Americans — and Donald Trump made millions off of it,” Rubio tweeted on February 28, a day that Rubio was sweeping through Virginia, while Trump was drawing a giant crowd in Alabama, a few days after they tangled over it in a GOP debate.

But that effort by the Florida Senator on Trump University did not succeed – maybe overshadowed by Rubio talking at times on the campaign trail about the size of Trump’s hands and more.

It’s a reminder that Republicans tried a lot of different lines of attack on Trump – and almost none of it worked.

We’ll see if Hillary Clinton runs into the same problem in coming months.